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Contains: Stringstastic Level 1  Violin Book +  Stringstastic Level 2 Violin Book + Virtual Lesson Level 1 Violin + Virtual Lesson Level 2 Violin

Violin Book level 1

Level 1 provides students (ages 6-11) with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a string player. Level 1 workbook features these concepts and more!

  • INTRODUCTION – String instruments
  • NOTATION – Using the open strings as the main reference, all the notes on the stave and each string, and accidentals
  • PATTERNS – Fingering of each string
  • NOTE & REST VALUES – Stem direction : Crotchet, minim, dotted minim, semibreve notes and rests (Worldwide) | Quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes and rests (US/Canada)
  • TIME SIGNATURE – 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time

ISBN: 978-0-9954128-04
Number of Pages: 52

Virtual Lesson level 1

Are you a parent/ teacher who struggles to find the time to help your child/ student with their music theory?

Let Stringstastic help with that =)

Our Theory Virtual Lesson Package for Violin, Viola, or Cello from Stringstastic’s Ensemble Series comes with weekly videos on each topic to help your child/student (aged between 6-11) make the connection of what they have learnt about music theory to their instrument with the help of Tommy, Suzie, and Tilly.

This is what is included…

  • 18 weeks worth of video lessons with Lorraine (Using American and British terminology)
  • Answers for each topic (Sent out each week with the video lesson)

(Lessons will be emailed each week so that your child/student would be able to be consistent with their homework.)

Email to purchase a special subscription to use for your students to use in school.

So what are you waiting for? Try out our theory lessons with Lorraine at an affordable price…

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