Mini Series

Mini series provides young students (ages 4-7) who are still learning how to read and write with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a violin player.
stringstatic mini players book series

Mini Series

The contents are organised and designed where the colours and characters used in this series are highly welcoming and continuous to capture the focus of the student to what is important through just the right amount of information. Fun and Engaging exercises used in these books encourage students to explore their instruments further. These interactive books use a variation of different methods (traditional, Suzuki, Kodaly, orff, etc) which allows the students to decide which method best suits the lesson. It also presents violin music theory using a combination of fun, colourful illustrations, stickers as well as exciting written exercises.

Mini 1

introduces young players to the world of violin playing and music theory. This book helps young players understand their instrument a little more and contains very basic music theory including notation, rhythm, etc. using simple and exciting exercises, colorful illustrations and stickers for the exercises.
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Mini 2

follows on from the knowledge that players have gained from Stringstastic Mini Players Level 1.

This book is an extension of what was learnt in the previous book using simple and exciting exercises, colourful illustrations and stickers for the exercises.